Action Research Projects

These research reports, published by LSIS, describe a wide range of projects that have been performed by providers of post-16 education and training. The research has been performed by practitioners in STEM subjects in diverse institutions.



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Developing E-learning resources for AS biology

Published in 2009 by LSIS, this report describes research at Stockton Riverside College, Bede Sixth Form. The report had several aims: * to explore attitudes to e-learning for learners studying AS biology * to evaluate learner perceptions of the usefulness of e-learning resources * to develop new e-learning...

Developing Numeracy - Family Learning

This report, published by LSIS, describes a research project by Family Learning, Cheshire East Council. The research looked at resources and strategies for improving parental numeracy skills. This then tied in with tutor professional development.

Exploring the use of learning objectives

Published in 2009 by LSIS, this report describes an action research project conducted by Long Road Sixth Form College. The project explored the use of learning objectives to enhance student progression, provide effective feedback, promote independent learning and improve success rates in AS level mathematics.

Implementing ‘How Science Works’ into psychology

Published in 2009 by LSIS , this report describes an action research project performed at Longley Park College. Psychology is now officially recognised as a Science GCE subject with the QCA, this has meant that according to the 2008 specifications psychology will incorporate ‘How Science Works’ principles.



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