London Engineering Project Case Studies

The London Engineering Project (LEP) set up projects with London South Bank University to engage young people in STEM subjects. These case studies describe the projects, their backgrounds and activities.

  • The projects are:
  • Engineering Islam
  • Engineering pick 'n' mix
  • Engineering summer school
  • The engineering tour
  • Gender and culture
  • Getting girls into engineering - a practical guide
  • Getting girls into engineering - UKRC and LEP
  • Getting the engineering message across
  • London South Bank University and EDF
  • Professor Georgia's engineering adventures
  • Supporting engineering diplomas
  • The solar car challenge
  • Tube lines



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Gender and Cultural Awareness in Engineering Outreach

This London Engineering Project paper, from the Royal Academy of Engineering, describes the processes and practices for developing gender neutral and culturally appropriate engineering activities in schools.


Getting Girls into Engineering: a Practical Guide

This London Engineering Project guide, from the Royal Academy of Engineering, describes efforts to attract more girls to engineering as a choice of subject for study and as a career.

The guide aims to share the...

Getting Girls into Engineering: Best Practice Case Study

This London Engineering Project best practice case study, from the Royal Academy of Engineering, describes the actions and results of the project's efforts to integrate equality and ensure the participation of girls in STEM activities.


Promoting Engineering as a Career to Young People

This resource from the Royal Academy of Engineering describes how the London Engineering Project worked to encourage students to see engineering as a potential career path. All activities used an Engineering Message to contextualise engineering and emphasise its impact on the world around us.

The project...