Teaching Advanced Physics: Electric current

From the Institute of Physics, these resources are split into topics and each topic is subdivided into a number of learning episodes. Each episode represents a coherent section of teaching which is typically one or two lessons. The topics covered include: * Electric current and charge carriers * Electrical resistance, thermistors and LDRs * Series and parallel circuits * Kirchhoff’s laws * Electrical energy and power (direct and alternating current) * EMF and internal resistance * Capacitors, capacitance, energy and discharge * Semiconductor devices



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Episode 100: Preparation for Electric Current Topic *suitable for home teaching*

From the Institute of Physics, this topic looks at basic electrical ideas, particularly current, potential difference and energy. The topic is split into teaching episodes. These are self-contained activities of varying time periods. The topics in this section include:

Episode 101:...

Episode 101: Introduction to Circuits

These activities, from the Institute of Physics, look at electrical circuits. They provide a review of previous knowledge and introduce the language needed to cope with the greater depth of learning at post-16 level. Activities include: • a discussion about electrical circuits to reinforce knowledge and highlight...

Episode 102: Current as a Flow of Charge

From the Institute of Physics, these activities allow students to understand the idea of electric charge and its relationship to a flow of current. There are a range of activities and these include: • using an analogy to represent the movement of charge • defining current and the coulomb • calculations to show the...

Episode 103: Currents and Charge Carriers

From the Institute of Physics, these activities present a range of examples involving different types of charge carrier and links the measured current to rates of flow of charge. The activities consist of a series of demonstrations which could be set up before the lesson. These include: • considering different...