This series of short videos discuss the benefits of Core Maths from the perspectives of both teachers and students.


Core Maths: teaching and topics

Teachers and their students share their thoughts and experiences of the Core Maths qualification. Also hear the thoughts of the Key Stage 4 Mathematics Co-ordinator and Higher Level Teaching Assistant as they discuss some of the activities students have covered throughout the course.

Core Maths: Steve Munby - CEO of Education Development Trust

Steve Munby- CEO of the EDT- talks about the benefits of studying Core Maths, explaining how a collaborative approach is at the heart of schools delivering Core Maths.

Core Maths: Education Training Foundation

Sue Southwood from the Education Training Foundation team shares her understanding of what Core Maths has to offer students, employers and universities- including the use of applied and practical mathematics in specific contexts.

Core Maths: Academies Enterprise Trust

In this video Simon Hepburn- Director of Pathways and Partnerships at the Academies Enterprise Trust- discusses his thoughts on the positive impact Core Maths can have for students and industry.


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