This series of short videos discuss the benefits of Core Maths from the perspectives of both teachers and students.


Core Maths: the voice of school and college leaders

In this video Kevin Gilmartin – Colleges Specialist at the Association of School and College Leaders- shares his perspective on Core Maths.

Core Maths: a parent's perspective

In this video a parent of prospective Core Maths students discusses her thoughts on recent changes in mathematics education and the importance of mathematics skills in the workplace.

Core Maths: the importance of mathematics after GCSE

In this video Dr Sue Pope- Associate Head of Department at Manchester Metropolitan University- discusses how around 70% of university degrees require some level of mathematics, and how a Core Maths can help students meet these requirements.

Core Maths: the importance of mathematics after GCSE 2

Diane Dalby- Senior Research Fellow at the School of Educations, University of Nottingham- discussed how Core Maths can help to change attitudes towards mathematics in post-16 students.


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