This series of short videos discuss the benefits of Core Maths from the perspectives of both teachers and students.


Core Maths: how does Core Maths support higher education

Anthony Tomei CBE, Visiting Professor and Kings College London, speaks about the importance of retaining the mathematics that students learn at GCSE. He argues that Core Maths can help to “keep the mathematical muscles exercised” to help students as they go on to further study.


Core Maths: the benefits of Core Maths to businesses

In this video Ian Greenaway- Non-executive Director of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce- reveals how businesses increasingly require employees with good analytical and problem solving skills and how Core Maths can help to meet the demand.

Core Maths: a student perspective

Hear one students’ perspective on the benefits of Core Maths after studying towards the qualification for two years.

Core Maths: Student interview 1

In this video a Core Maths teacher interviews one of the students in her class about his experiences of studying towards the qualification, and how it has helped in other subjects.


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