Physical Health

'Modern hospitals have changed enormously in your lifetime. Thanks to amazing technological advances, we can see what is happening inside the body in more and more detail. Much of this is because of the work of medical physicists.' These practicals and videos use a workplace context to help students discover how physics can be used in health assessments. The practicals explore the use of physics in medical analysis. The video shows medical scientists from King's College Hospital, Camberwell, London using a range of equipment to investigate what is happening inside the body.


Physical Health: Practicals

Three practicals produced by the Institute of Physics (IOP) that help students to understand some of the physics used in medical analysis. In addition to the guidance included for specific activities, please refer to the generic health and safety information before commencing any practical activity. This resource...

Physical Health: Activity Sheets

Five activity sheets produced by the Institute of Physics (IOP) to accompany the Model Project's Physical Health video.

Worksheet one takes an overview of the topic. Worksheets two - five are targeted at specific sections of the video.

Answers to all the worksheet questions are provided in the Word...