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The Crunch, created by the Wellcome Trust, aims to get children thinking about how our food, our health and our planet are all interconnected. Examining our relationships with food, and exploring cutting edge research, so that we can eat in ways that can keep our planet and ourselves healthy.

There are curriculum linked activities for children of all ages and plays which can be performed in school and which explore many issues around food security, sustainability and healthy eating.



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It's a wrap!

Most of the food we buy comes packed in plastic, cardboard or tins and jars, but why? Children explore this question, by investigating the properties of...

Fast food chains

In this set of activities aimed at ages 6-7, children explore food chains of different animals, including humans. They learn about food chains in different parts...

Incredible ingredients!

In this activity aimed at ages 7-8, learners explore the nutritional content of food and how humans obtain nutrition from the food they eat. They investigate the amount of sugar in different fizzy...

Save our home!

What is the common link between chocolate biscuits and orangutans? In this activity aimed at ages 8-9, children learn about rainforests, their location, structure and some of the animals and plants that live in them. They look at rainforests in Sumatra and how deforestation has occurred in order to grow oil palm...