The crunch - primary resources

The Crunch, created by the Wellcome Trust, aims to get children thinking about how our food, our health and our planet are all interconnected. Examining our relationships with food, and exploring cutting edge research, so that we can eat in ways that can keep our planet and ourselves healthy.

There are curriculum linked activities for children of all ages and plays which can be performed in school and which explore many issues around food security, sustainability and healthy eating.



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Salty seeds

In this activity aimed at ages 9-10, children solve a problem faced by farmers in Mexico – ‘How to grow strong, healthy plants, that can survive and thrive in difficult conditions’. ...

Dazzling digestion

Aimed at older primary children, this resource looks at nutrition and digestion in humans. Children find out about different nutrients and the effects they have on our bodies. They then look at...

Aimed at primary learners these five plays explore biodiversity, healthy eating, sustainability and the environment. They contain...

Flying fruit

Using a huge wall map of the world, flower pots, compost and videos, children find out everything there is to know about the fruit they eat. They investigate where their fruit has travelled from, and what transport was used getting it to the UK. Children explore the different parts of fruit and compare the seeds of...