DNA replication

A collection of resources about DNA replication.  These resources are part of the post 16 genetics and genomics collection.


DNA replication (schematic)

An animation showing that the structure of DNA, discovered by James Watson and Francis Crick, suggests a mechanism of DNA replication. The double helix unwinds, and each strand acts as a template for the construction of the new DNA molecule.


DNA replication (basic detail)

Using information from molecular research, this 3-D animation shows how DNA is replicated at the molecular level. It involves an enzyme that unwinds the DNA, and other enzymes that copy the two resulting strands.

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DNA replication (advanced detail)

This animation shows how both strands of the DNA double helix act as templates for the new DNA strands. Incoming DNA is unraveled by the enzyme helicase, resulting in the 3' strand and the 5' strand. The 3' strands and the 5' strands are replicated by a DNA polymerase enzyme but in different ways.



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