Mathematical Association

This collection of materials is taken from publications produced by the Mathematical Association (MA).

The MA is run by members for members from its headquarters in Leicester and is managed by a Council of around 19 MA members. But the heart of the MA is to be found in its publications, its committees and subcommittees, and its other activities, which provide an invaluable opportunity for interested teachers to work together on topics of common interest - work which often results in publications, resources or discussion documents for the wider community.



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Padlock challenges

The aim of each challenge is for students to complete each of the five tasks, recording their results on the answer sheet entitled “To open the padlock”. Students obtaining the correct ‘grand total’ have successfully completed the challenge.

The number padlock challenge contains five number challenges, one...

Creative use of odd moments

Creative Use of Odd Moments contains seven activities which are ideal for use as starter activities, extension questions or to develop mathematical thinking and problem solving. Each activity is accompanied by teacher notes, supplying the answers and explanations of the mathematics involved....