Electronics of control systems 10

In these experiments students make and test circuits to investigate a range of effects:

Section A: Transforming a d.c. power supply
*Experiment A(i): Step-up voltage regulator
*Experiment A(ii): Step-down voltage regulator
*Experiment A(iii): High current step-down regulator
*Experiment A(iv): Constant output voltage regulator

Section B: Microwave radiation
*Experiment B(i): Microwave Doppler module

Section C: Testing electronic components
*Experiment C(i): Testing a simple electric circuit

Section D: Infra-red radiation
*Experiment D(i): The principle of the thermal imager

Appendix: Relationships to physics and electronics syllabuses

This resource from the Association of Science Education (ASE) was developed in association with Marconi. At the time, the company was in the front rank of the world's defence electronics industry. Its wide range of activities also included space systems and computer-based and sonar underwater systems for hydrographers, marine navigators, and off-shore oil operators.

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