Race, gender and the education of teachers

Despite growing concern over the level of racism and sexism in schools, recruitment and retention of ethnic minority students into teacher education remains very low.

Reports by the UK Comission for Racial Equality and the Equal Opportunities Commission continue to the show poor career prospects of women and ethnic minority groups in education.

This book aims to fill the gap in research and writing on the practical and theoretical approaches to achieving "race" and gender equality at all levels of teacher education.

The chapters analyze the effects and implications of continued racist and sexist practices in teacher education. They explore the extent, nature and outcomes of inequality practices in teacher education.

They discuss how practitioners and policy makers can provide equal opportunities for students and staff through courses, admission procedures, recruitment, school practice, administration and management.

They examine the need for schools, communities and higher education to form closer collaboration to promote equality and raise ethnic minority recruitment. This book should be useful for all teacher educators and students interested in issues of "race", gender and equality.

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