Designing professional development for teachers of science and mathematics

This New Edition collects and brings together in one place what has been learned from professional developers efforts across the country in order to make the framework, principles, and strategies of the first edition come to life. This edition deepens our understanding of professional development through further research and new resources. The original purpose of this book to put a competent and caring teacher in every classroom has yet to be fulfilled and is more urgent now than ever.

The authors provide one-stop shopping for busy practitioners that incorporates the most up-to-date research gleaned from the broadest possible research base as well as robust and rich descriptions of effective professional development programmes. It incorporates the growing knowledge base about learning, teaching, the nature of science and mathematics, professional development, and change. The authors scanned the field of professional development in mathematics and science over the last five years, noting what has changed and what has not, dissected the original framework, updated examples, incorporate what authors have learned as well as advances in the field. This essential primer offers a framework that considers key inputs and combines strategies uniquely tailored to their environment and goals; summarizes key knowledge and best practices; provides guidance on assessing one's context; describes strategies that go beyond most common workshops and institutes; provides real-life examples of how elements of the framework were used to create professional development initiatives; offers references and resources for further exploration and inquiry.

Highlights of the Second Edition include: - New design framework that incorporates standards, student learning data, and evaluation techniques - More guidance for assessing context using data - More strategies for professional development, including lesson study, aligning and selecting curriculum, and demonstration lessons. - Stronger real-life examples, including new uses of technology and data-driven designs An essential resource for educators who design, conduct, and support professional development for teachers of mathematics and science, including staff developers, principals, teacher leaders, curriculum supervisors, and leadership teams. College and university faculty in education, science, and mathematics will also find this to be a useful compendium of ideas for improving mathematics and science education.

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Subject(s)Cross curricular
Author(s)Susan Loucks-Horsley, Nancy Love, Katherine E Stiles, Susan Mundry, Peter W Hewson
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