Teaching science in the primary classroom

This is an excellent book not only for student teachers (probably its main target audience) but for anyone involved in science lessons in the primary school. It is easy to read and gives clear practical advice including suggestions for effective classroom organisation.

The four authors have extensive experience in initial teacher education and in primary schooling and this is evident in the emphasis on practical examples and evidence-based guidance. Based in initial teacher education the authors have based much of the content on recent and relevant research, with a particular aim of making the scientific content lively, contemporary and fun. Initial teacher education students, teachers and science leaders will find the book accessible, yet challenging.

Based on courses run by the authors for trainee and practising teachers, this book will provide clear and practical guidance for teaching science in the primary classroom. It offers practical examples for use in the classroom and will explain how to turn theory into creative and lively science lessons. Each chapter will focus on practical day-to-day issues and offer guidance on questioning techniques; planning and assessing learning; the use of role-play in learning; classroom organization and management; and safety. Examples of children's work are included, case studies and different aspects of science are covered in each chapter.

The emphasis is on providing the reader with ideas for interesting lessons and enjoyable classroom activities. This book will appeal to class teachers and student teachers needing a practical guide to teaching primary science.

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Author(s)Hellen Ward, Judith Roden, Claire Hewlett, Julie Foreman
Age5-7, 7-11
Published by

Shelf referenceA 372.35044 WAR
Direct URLhttps://www.stem.org.uk/x8586

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