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Sustainable city

Human beings have transformed the world and thought up some wondrous inventions, but what will the future hold for the planet and the people who inhabit it? Can we use new technology and innovations to improve the quality of our lives as well as the world we live in?


STEM Clubs Week 2020 - Competition

As part of STEM Clubs Week 2020, running 22-26 June, we're asking young people aged six and upwards to design a city for lots of people to live in but that avoids damaging the planet as much as possible. Don’t forget to give your city a name. Two lucky winners and runners-up will win prizes that include: a power house, Lego education kit and solar mechanics. 
Things to consider in your designs: 
Clean air: think about the things that pollute the air
Clean water: how are you going to get clean water to your citizens?
Sewage: how are you going to get sewage away from your citizens?
Energy: how are you going to power homes and businesses in your city?
Transport: remember, transport does not necessarily mean motorised transport
Materials: what materials will you need to build the buildings, bridges, roads, etc?
Green spaces and wildlife habitats: will you have any parks and woodlands?
Waste: how will you deal with household rubbish?

Terms and conditions

Submit your entry by email to and you must state your name and age. Your entry must be a written description (maximum 500 words) or a model, drawing, sculpture or computer-generated model. We can not accept Google files. 

Deadline for entries is midnight 25 June 2020.
We’d really like to see your creations, so please share all your pictures with us on Twitter @STEMClubs using #STEMClubsWeek.
Full terms and conditions 

STEM Clubs resources to give you some ideas:

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