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STEM Clubs Week 2020

Published: Jun 4, 2020 4 min read

STEM learning

STEM Clubs Week is 22 – 26 June 2020 and the theme is sustainability.

A free online event, bringing you challenges, case studies, talks focused on sustainability topics delivered by Design Club and a fantastic range of STEM Ambassadors. Plus webinars delivered by STEM Club Champions and Practical Action. Science writer and children's author Isabel Thomas joins us to share her experiences from eco-engineering clubs in primary schools and we'll bring you a virtual panel discussion with leading members of the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration, speaking about careers, Antarctic investigations, and topics ranging from climate science and extreme engineering to environmental sustainability and resilience. 

How can I get involved?

Each day we will cover a different area of sustainability; clean air, water and sanitation, sustainable energy, sustainable food, sustainable materials and construction. We welcome everyone to participate in our exciting programme of events; aimed at inspiring and igniting imaginations in young people.

Follow us on Twitter #STEMClubsWeek and join us on the day via YouTube.

New timetable - download now

Competition - design a sustainable city

There are more and more people living in the world and all these people need places to live. See if you can design a city for lots of people to live in, but one that avoids damaging the planet as much as possible. Don't forget to give your city a name and you will need to think about these things in your design: clean air, clean water, sewage, energy and transport.

Submit your entry as a written description (max 500 words) and if you have one; a photograph of a model, drawing, sculpture or computer generated model.

Email your entries, including your name and age rage (6-11, 11+) by midnight Thursday 25 June for a chance to win a prize:

Submit your entry


Daily activity challenges

We have created an activity booklet for you and your students to use as a guide, supporting for all our daily challenges.

STEM Ambassador talks

During STEM Clubs Week we'll be joined by these fantastic STEM Ambassadors for talks on our our YouTube channel:

Sarah Hunt

Sarah Hunt, Aeronautical Engineer

Sarah is part of a team of four women called The Bristol Gulls who will be taking on the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, a 3,000-mile unaided ocean rowing race across the Atlantic. Their goal is to complete the crossing in the most sustainable way possible.

Amelia Couldrey

Amelia Couldrey, Oceanographic Scientist

Amelia works at HR Wallingford. She helps to design wind farms built out at sea so that they can withstand the powerful forces of the waves and currents.

Frankie Pickford

Frankie Pickworth, Graduate Air Quality Consultant

Frankie's role involves predicting if new planning applications for the construction of new buildings, roads and industrial developments will have an impact on air quality in the local area. 

Caragh Whitehead

Caragh Whitehead, Senior Research Technician

Caragh works at the University of York. She is studying plants, the chemicals they produce and how they can be converted for use as future sustainable bio-fuels. 

Josie Shereston

Josie Shereston, Environmental Coordinator

Josie works for Tarmac - Cement and Lime. She looks after all things environmental, from reducing energy consumption to switching to sustainable alternative fuels. 

Katherine Ostojic

Katherine Ostojic, Spacecraft Thermal Engineer

Katherine works at RAL Space, she is currently working on part of an instrument that will be used to make weather forecasts and study the Earth’s climate.

Natalia Falagan

Natalia Falagan, Plant Scientist

Natalia is working at Cranfield University developing systems to ensure quality and safety of fruit and vegetables across the supply chain; improving sustainability and reducing food waste.

Nick Jerrard

Nick Jerrard, Public Health Above Ground Drainage Engineer

Nick works at Hoare Lea, designing above ground drainage systems for buildings and projects. Working alongside architects, structural engineers and construction contractors. 

Yadira Tejeda Saldana

Yadira Tejeda Saldana, Food Scientist

Tejeda currently leads a wonderful Canadian not-for-profit organisation, supporting and promoting the production of agricultural products, like meat, using cells instead of raising animals.

Paul Houston

Paul Houston, Commercial Director

Paul works for SPL Powerlines which is part of the Engie Group of businesses. He ensures that sustainable solutions for electrifying railway lines keep the investment costs to a minimum.

Andrew Jenkins

Andrew Jenkins, Agricultural Engineer

Andrew works on a project in Southeast Bangladesh where new land is being formed out of the sea. His team and government colleagues are working to resettle farm families with security and rights to the land.