LEGO Robotics Kit Rental

BJPCE Limited

BJPCE Limited offer a kit rental service for the following popular LEGO Robotics kits:

Kit £/week £/half-term £/term
LEGO Mindstorms (9797) £15 £60 £100
LEGO WeDo (9580) £8 £30 £50

The LEGO Mindstorms kit is suitable for ages 9-14 and can be programmed with the current LEGO EV3 software or the original LEGO NXT Software (both free to download on Windows or Mac).

LEGO Mindstorms (9797) Kit

The LEGO WeDo kit is suitable for ages 6-11 and can be programmed with the LEGO WeDo software or Scratch (both free to download for Windows or Mac).

LEGO WeDo (9580) Kit 

Video instructions and/or zoom/skype call are also made available to schools renting the kits for no additional charge.

For an overview video on the LEGO WeDo see here:

Car parking barrier system videos (8 lessons) for LEGO Mindstorms here:

Or why not combine a period of kit rental with one of our instructor led days to get you started (click below for details):

Expected outcomes

The skills pupils will be using are:

  • Follow instructions to build Lego model (individually or in pairs)
  • Simple navigation/programming/debugging (move, turn, speed, stop)
  • Estimating and measuring
  • Simple sensor use

Both kits line up very well with many requirements of the primary KS1 and KS2 computing curriculum (published 2014/15) and KS3 computing curriculum (published 2013).

There are more general skills in use:

  • Teamwork (in pairs/threes)
  • Problem solving
  • Perseverance
To book this activity, please contact:
Brian Egles

United Kingdom

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