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The resource explores a number of activities to explore the mathematics contained within a pack of dominoes. As a starter, students are asked a series of questions about the number of dots on dominoes.

Hollow Domino Squares asks students to arrange dominos in the shape of hollow squares such that the total along each side has a given sum.

Domino Additions requires students to arrange dominoes in such a way that they form a column addition.

Magic Domino Squares challenges students to arrange dominoes to make 4 by 4 magic squares.

Domino Multiplication Squares Dominoes are arranged as a hollow square such that the numbers along each side multiply together to make the same total.

Hollow Domino Rectangles A variation of hollow domino squares.

Domino investigations A series of tasks to extend the previous challenges.

Domino Ray Diagrams The rules of dominoes must be obeyed whilst arranging all 28 dominoes in eight lines radiating from the centre such that the total number of dots in each line is the same.

Domino Configurations Students arrange dominoes to produce the require configurations.

Domino Tilings Students are presented with a series of shapes and asked to determine whether the shape could be covered using dominoes.

Domino Knots Students are presented with a knot patterns and are required to use all 28 dominoes to cover the pattern in such a way that adjacent dominoes match. There is resource material for use in class when using these activities.

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