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Applications of Glass to Make Mathematics More Appealing to STEM Club Members

The project involved members of staff from the STEM subjects at the Kingswinford School working collaboratively to plan and deliver sessions to a group of Year Nine students. These sessions were held after school for an hour each week during the summer and autumn terms in 2010 and targeted students who were Gifted and Talented in at least one of the STEM subjects.

The topic of the applications of glass was chosen due to the historical significance of glass to the local area and the students’ task was to construct their own borescope. It was hoped that by choosing a science and design and technology based topic, but one with a strong maths component, that it would engage the students and stimulate their interest in the subjects.

During the project, the students researched and studied a range of topics including:

*The behaviour of light as it passes between different media

*The properties of lenses.

*The design and technology of optical instruments including telescopes, microscopes and borescopes

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