This series of resources supports the teaching and learning of the computer programming language Python. The series of activities, produced by Code Club have support sheets for each of the activity projects. They are easy to follow and support progression in the learning. The activities require studenst to: *control turtles on the screen *send secret messages using ciphers, *design and play hangman and noughts and crosses against the computer.

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apositron84 (not verified)

A bit wordy for some students. Low ability won't have a chance of following it due to poor literacy skills. Very good for high ability though.

Students will probably just copy code and not read the words though.

Miss Tomkins

I'm new to all this.
Are these sheets written for Python 2?


In play against the computer I think there is a missing call to play_move( ) inside the click code on page 9.
Just above def winner(grid): add play_move( )