Molecules of Life

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This resource includes a suite of games designed to promote thinking, learning and understanding as well as being enjoyable and engaging. They are all based around molecules that play key roles in life on Earth.

In the MolyMod video, Steve Althorpe explains how, in the Building Molecules game, students can use Molymod to link 3-D models to chemical and structural formulae.

The Carbocycle game is designed to show what a key molecule carbon dioxide is and how, at present, it is kept in balance by natural processes on Earth.

The starter activity, Drawing molecules, is a short activity to build up complex molecules, bond-by-bond.

The Molecules of life trumps game, is for two or more players, in which the object is to win all the cards, is based on the Top Trumps series. Categories include molar mass, importance for life and melting point.

Curriculum areas covered:
• Chemical formulae
• Bonding and molecular shape
• Carbon cycle

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