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Eating Whatever You Like?

This Teachers TV video shows food adventurer Stefan Gates preparing and eating a salad made with crispy worms, jelly fish and ants. The clip is designed to promote discussion about health and diet.

Stefan makes the point that although people may eat very different foods around the world, they still contain essential nutrients like protein and vitamins. Stefan then explains how some foods are healthier than others, and he wonders if there is ever any reason why certain foods should be banned. This introduction to the idea of choice and restriction of food, and how diet and nutrition are linked to health, can be used to encourage primary and secondary students to debate how much control there should be over the food we eat.

This video is part of a lesson resource pack which includes:
*News Report
*Teaching the KS3/4 News Report Lesson
*Teaching the KS2 News Report Lesson
*Running Discussions in a KS3/4 Class
*Running Discussions in a KS2 Class

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