On Site: a Guide to Visiting the Chemical Industry

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From The Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC), this guide provides practical information and advice about organising a visit to a local science-based industry. Visits can be engaging, stimulating and profitable for the students, teachers and companies involved.

The guide looks at industrial links at both primary and secondary school levels and includes sections on:
* choosing a company
* making contact
* a preliminary visit
* preparing students for the visit
* the site visit itself
* following up after the site visit

The materials contain full teacher guidance, student notes and activity sheets. The booklet has been written in three parts:

Section 1 has been written for teachers and older students who are interested in having background knowledge of the U.K. chemical industry. Teachers of younger students and primary school children may want to extract and simplify information.

Section 2 is aimed at the teacher and possibly the company representative. It is to be used when the visit is planned and organised.

Section 3 and the worksheets contain material which can be handed out to students or used as discussion prompts.

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