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Literacy and Learning in Science

Produced in 2004, this Key Stage Three National Strategy guidance was produced for science subject leaders to help them implement literacy and learning in science as part of a whole-school initiative designed to improve teaching and learning and raise standards. It was produced with a CD-ROM containing video-recorded lessons to exemplify the ideas – although these lessons were not in a science context, and are not available here.

The document uses as a starting point the Key Stage Three National Strategy’s Framework for teaching English: Years Seven, Eight and Nine and its cross-curricular objectives which focus on learning through talk, learning from text and learning through writing.

*Section 1: Introduction to literacy and learning - the ideas behind the literacy and learning initiative and contains the framework of cross-curricular objectives that is at its heart.

*Section 2: Implementing literacy and learning in science - outlines ways of working with teachers in the department in order to implement the scheme.

*Section 3: Explaining and exemplifying the objectives - in the context of science.

*Section 4: Observing effective literacy teaching - contains prompts to assist in the monitoring and evaluation of literacy teaching.

*Section 5: Contents of the Literacy and Learning DVD - an index of material on the DVD (not available here).

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