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Science Teaching Units (Key Stages Three to Four)

Produced in 2008, these Secondary National Strategy lesson plan sequences were written to help teachers in planning for and teaching specific ideas important to their learning from Key Stage Three to Key Stage Four.

Each themed unit has a similar approach to teaching and learning in that they link to the Secondary National Strategy Framework for science yearly learning objectives and provide coverage of parts of the QCA Programme of Study for science. While there is some variety, the units generally include the same ‘teaching design principles’:
*working on knowledge
*the teaching approach
*the mode of interaction (or communicative approach).
Some have reference to ‘How science works’, and others include curriculum starting points, such as how this learning relates to likely previous learning in science.

The units are:
*Explaining change processes using a simple particle model of matter
*Modelling matter: the nature of bonding
*Explaining how electric circuits work
*Voltage, energy and power in electric circuits
*Force and motion
*An introduction to light and vision
*Key concepts in genetics
*The biological basis of behaviour

Each unit includes a diagrammatic overview of the lesson sequence and then the series of lessons themselves (including objectives and outcomes for each lesson, teacher ‘story’ and activity notes, and various student resources for direct use in class). Some units also include a ‘lift off activity’ to make the links to prior learning explicit, and help the teacher assess the understanding and any misconceptions that their students have.

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