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Supporting Transition from Year Six to Year Seven Science: Training Materials

The Key Stage Three National Strategy training materials produced in 2002 by the Department for Education examine the background to Key Stage Two/Three progression in science in relation to starting points at Key Stage Three. They examine what most students have already done and establish appropriate starting points for Key Stage Three work as well as providing a range of contexts to interest and motivate students. During this session arrangements can be made to set up secondary/primary bridging visits by teachers.

The sessions are structured as follows:
*Session 1 enables participants to discuss and share their knowledge of Key Stage One and Two science. Opportunities are provided for participants to discuss students’ levels of attainment at the end of Key Stage Two. Participants look at activities that take place across Key Stages Two and Three to identify progression in students’ learning.

*Session 2 enables participants to look at starting points in Year Seven and Eight units of work that will allow smooth progression in students’ learning of science as they enter Year Seven, in particular. Participants look through the units of work in the DfES/QCA exemplar schemes of work for Key Stage Three and identify the range of activities that are used to introduce students to Key Stage Three work. They then identify ways of maintaining students’ interest and motivation for science during Key Stage Three.

*Session 3 enables participants to run an INSET session back in their own school to illustrate some of the key messages arising from the unit.

These materials consist of:
*Tutors notes – includes Overview of the unit, Unit objectives, Outline programme, Synopsis, Preparing for the unit, Resources needed for each session, and Evaluation forms.
*Training slides for the session
*Participants resource pack – copies of the slides and handouts used in the training.

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