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Launch of the Key Stage Three National Strategy Training Materials

These Key Stage Three National Strategy training materials were produced to launch the Strategy in 2002. They focused on leadership and management of the Key Stage.

*Session 1 - The science strand of the Key Stage Three National Strategy:
Provides the background and outlines some of the key messages from the science pilot. The Framework for teaching science: Years Seven, Eight and Nine is introduced and participants use the DfES/QCA exemplar Key Stage Three scheme of work for science to see how it relates to the Framework.

*Session 2 - Making it happen:
Explains how to manage the science strand strategically and integrate it into the school’s own plans for improvement. The DfES five-stage cycle is introduced as a model for action planning. Roles of the head of science and the Key Stage Three coordinator (or another) are clarified, including how to conduct an audit for science. They are shown the Strategy’s audit guide.

*Session 3 - Using data to analyse performance and set targets:
Focuses on how to use the DfES ‘Autumn package’ of school data. The data from a case-study school is provided. Participants use this with the Autumn Package to analyse student performance and then to set challenging but realistic targets.

*Session 4 - Action planning:
Participants are asked to consider action planning and how to generate action points that can be incorporated into their own school improvement plans. The distinction is made between long-term development plans and short-term improvement plans. Participants first practise writing SMART targets and then cast a critical eye over a range of improvement plans, matching them against the principles.

These materials consist of:
*Tutors notes – includes Overview of the unit, Unit objectives, Outline programme, Synopsis, Preparing for the unit, Resources needed for each session, and Evaluation forms.
*Training slides for the session
*Participants resource pack – copies of the slides and handouts used in the training
*Teacher leaflet providing general information, and summarising the purpose, key ideas, and some frequently asked questions about the Strategy.

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