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Life in the Water: Teacher Guidance

These teachers’ notes were produced to support the use of the series of video clips and activities about a Cape Farewell expedition to the Norwegian Arctic. The notes provide detailed guidance on each of the video clips and activities.

They also suggest a series of six lessons based on the resources. The version of the notes here is the one that was prepared to support the 2006 version of the AQA Science specifications which has been discontinued. It is, however, easy to use the notes with any science course because most of the information linked to the AQA specifications is in Appendix A. There is also a short reference to specifications in the second and third paragraphs on page 2 of the notes and there are other references in the lesson plans.

The references to the specifications are still useful because they serve to the main curriculum links. Most of the information about the resources and the suggested lessons is generic and can be used in any science course. (Apart from the references to old specifications, an Edexcel version of the Teachers’ notes is identical with the AQA version and so not included here.) The resources in this collection match the titles of the video clips.

This corresponds to the information in Appendix B on page 19 of the teachers’ notes. (There is no Activity K.) All the resources were originally supplied on a DVD but are here supplied as separate files.

Resources to support the use of the video clips


A: Food chains

B: Arctic food web

C: Making and testing hypotheses

D: Photosynthesis

E: Collecting and checking

F: Plankton blooms

G: Plankton analysis

H: Plankton data

I: Carbon cycle

J: A good argument


1. Setting the scene (ppt)

2. Colour filters (ppt)

3. Plankton data (xls) 4. Plankton images (ppt) 5. Carbon cycle images

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