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Good ideas for algebra

The focus of the activities in this book from Polygon Resources is algebra and provides students with experience of finding and explaining rules by writing down what they notice in words.

Repeating Patterns introduces the idea of prediction based on known patterns.

Matchstick Patterns looks for patterns and rules in spatial arrangements of matchsticks.

Multilink Patterns uses cubes to "grow" patterns and develop predictions and rules.

Paths is an investigation into pathways of square slabs around a rectangular flower bed.

Painted Cube uses cubes made up of a number of smaller cubes with the outside edges painted red. Students must then answer questions on the number of these smaller cubes that are painted.

Number Cells gives a starting number and a rule to produce a sequence of six numbers. Students are asked to discover links and to make predictions based on their results.

Squares is an investigation into how many squares there are on different sized chessboards.

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