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Effective Teaching and Learning in Science Training Materials

These Key Stage Three training materials from the Department for Education are designed to run a session with science teachers to help them design and develop effective science lessons that might involve writing, practical and group work.

*Session 1 - General introduction: pedagogy and practice:
An update on the teaching and learning focus of the Key Stage Three Strategy and the features of effective lessons.

*Session 2 - Effective lessons in science:
The use of a structured approach to science lessons to enable students to make sense of their learning – which includes a consideration of variations on the three-part lesson structure.

*Session 3 - Developing pupils’ writing in science:
To clarify the purposes of writing in science and highlight the range of writing opportunities for students to write in a range of styles and with purpose, using practical work as an example. This session builds on the writing session contained in the unit Literacy in science.

*Session 4 - Practical work in science:
Participants reflect on the purpose of practical activities before considering the four main types, and consider the use of these activities in relation to the objectives and desired learning outcomes for a lesson.

*Session 5 - Group work in science:
To draw attention to the importance of group work in science. The types of interactive teaching and learning strategies commonly employed during the main part of a science lesson are considered.

*Tutors notes – includes Overview of the unit, Unit objectives, Outline programme, Synopsis, Preparing for the unit, Resources needed for each session, Pre-unit task and Evaluation forms.
*Training slides for the session
*Participants resource pack – copies of the slides and handouts used in the training
*Summary of main messages

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