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Strengthening Teaching and Learning of Earth, Space and Beyond

This National Strategies study guide from the Department of Education is one of a suite designed to support the development of aspects of subject knowledge. It has been designed to link with both the Progression Maps, the Revised Framework for Teaching Secondary Science and Assessing Pupils’ Progress in Science. 

The study guide offers background information and practical suggestions to support classroom practice when teaching about Earth, Space and beyond.

The guide suggests these materials can be used in a number of ways.
• Work with your science consultant on developing and planning the teaching of an aspect of Earth, space and beyond. After three weeks, meet together to review progress.
• Discuss which strategies have been the most effective with one class and plan to use these with other classes.
• Find another science teacher to pair with and team-teach. Design the activities together and divide the teacher’s role between the team.
• Work with a group of teachers in the department and use the study guide as a focus for joint working, meet regularly to share ideas and then review progress after a few weeks.
• Identify the sections of the guide that are the most appropriate for you and focus on those (teachers may find it helpful to keep a learning log as they work through the tasks and they could add this to their personal continuing professional development portfolio).
• Ask a specialist to help by providing a sounding board for teachers' ideas.

Study guides were developed as part of a series of publications which could be used flexibly. In particular, they can be used in a school by an individual teacher, a pair of teachers or a larger group without specialist support. If used collaboratively, a peer coaching model would be effective to support teachers.

The study guides were originally produced as five separate files. The separate files have been joined together for ease of download. The five documents were entitled, Strengthening Teaching and Learning of Earth, Space and Beyond:
• Introductory section
• Motion of the Sun and planets
• Solar System
• Movement of celestial bodies
• Exploration of space and evidence from astronomy and Space

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