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Numbers and patterns: laying foundations in mathematics

This set of materials from the National Strategies is intended to help practitioners working with students in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and lower Key Stage One, to plan their mathematics provision and help students to secure some of the key mathematical ideas that they will use throughout the rest of their lives.

The materials have a strong focus on number, particularly counting, and developing understanding of the patterns that underpin early work within this aspect of mathematics. They focus on key aspects of numbers as labels and for counting and calculating, and are structured around the following two themes:

• Number words and numerals
• Counting sets

There are six sections to this resource:

Introduction provides an overview of the structure of the materials, how they can be accessed and how they relate to the Development Matters statements and the Year One Primary Framework objectives.

Observation, assessment and planning includes guidance on how these all support students’ development and learning in mathematics, together with an example of an observation schedule.

Steps in learning includes charts outlining the learning focuses within the Numbers words and numerals and Counting sets themes, and potential difficulties students might encounter, together with guidance on the use of models and images.

Enabling environments has 12 cards that provide examples of how students’ learning in mathematics can be supported through an enabling environment, to provide a more seamless learning experience for young students.

Role of the adult illustrates how adults can support and extend students’ mathematical learning. It offers examples of how to interact with students’ play and some starting points for activities that can be adapted and planned in more detail.

Supporting material provides additional key messages, audits and extracts from related publications.

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