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Practical Guide 1: Gas Exchange and Transport in Plants and Animals

Published by the Nuffield Foundation this Revised Nuffield Advanced Biology Practical Guide is linked to the first four chapters of  Study Guide I. Technical information and notes for teachers about the practical activities is given in Teachers’ Guide I.



Chapter 1: Gas exchange

1A: Gas exchange in leaves

1B: Dissection of the ventilation system of a locust

1C: The fine structure of the ventilation system of a locust

1D: The effect of gas changes on locusts' breathing

1E: The breathing apparatus of mammals 1F: The fine structure of the lungs

Chapter 2: Breathing and gas exchange in Man

2A: The capacity of the human lungs

2B: Human consumption of oxygen

Chapter 3: The circulatory systems of animals and plants

3A: Movement inside plant cells

3B: Circulation in animals

3C: The effect of temperature and chemicals on the rate of heart beat of Daphnia

3D: The vertebrate heart in action

3E: The structure of hearts

3F: Arteries, veins, and capillaries 3G: Transport inside plants

Chapter 4: Blood and the transport of oxygen

4A: Examination of blood

4B: The carriage of oxygen

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