These publications are from the Nuffield Foundation. When Nuffield Advanced Biology was revised and republished in 1985 there was a major change in the form and content of the books. The original study guide was split into two volumes and was expanded in scope with a substantial amount of descriptive text in addition to the collection of biological data presented in study items. The extension work was cut out but in some areas detail was retained that went beyond that required for advanced level. This was been done deliberately where the subject was thought to be of such interest as to justify it for the benefit of the more able students. The parallel teachers' guides contained principles, assumptions, and answers to questions. In addition there was a second part to each chapter which was the guide to the related practical work described in seven separate practical guides.

The subject matter was still covered in four areas:

Study Guide I 

  • Maintenance of the organism
  • Control and co-ordination in organisms

Study Guide II 

  • Inheritance and development
  • Organisms and the environment

The main course materials were not revised in the 1990s. Following changes in the A-Level specification, the Nuffield Foundation produced three supplementary publications to reflect changes in assessment and to support students starting the course with a background of double-award GCSE Science.



Published by the Nuffield Foundation, the two Revised Nuffield Advanced Biology Study Guides contained the core of the work of the revised scheme. Consultation with teachers and others had led to these recommendations for the revised programme:

1. That the processes of biology, rather than the content,...

Practical Guides

Published by the Nuffield Foundation, each Revised Nuffield Advanced Biology Practical Guide was linked to particular chapters in the related study guide and set out all the experiments which were suggested for each topic. The guides state the object of each experiment and describe the procedure as well as...

A-level specifications were amended following the introduction of the GCSE in the mid-1980s and the widespread move to double-award courses. The Nuffield Foundation did not carry out a complete revision of the Nuffield Advanced Biology resources but, in 1994, published three supplementary publications to give...

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Michael Reiss

Marvellous to have these available on-line. I remember using them in my teaching back in the 1980s.
Michael Reiss

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