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Scheme of Work for Students Working up to Level One

These resources, provided by The AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust, include materials produced as part of The Cambridgeshire SEN Science Project which brought together a group of special schools and developed a scheme of work and an assessment/recording framework for science.

These STRATA (Science To Raise And Track Achievement) materials address the particular issues faced by the teachers of students with special needs. The schemes of work provide a comprehensive range of activities that are both age appropriate and sufficient to meet the needs of the whole ability range for students (the schools involved included PMLD, SLD, MLD and EBD specialist environments).

The units cover most of the aspects of Science One, Two, Three and Four across Key Stage One and Two. In this sense, it is made up of units of work that contribute to the scheme.

Schemes of work These units demonstrate the effective application of the P levels (pre-level one). The schemes were written corresponding to the 8 P levels and level one of the National Curriculum that would be appropriate for PMLD and SLD students.

Progression in skills Included in the downloads are overall progression grids to enable teachers to see the development of skills generic to all areas of science. In the pre-level one part of the scheme, scientific enquiry skills are beginning to develop and these emergent skills are only assessed from P6 onwards. Many activities are included to address the issue of age appropriateness and the fact that pupils may revisit the topic many times.

Resources available cover:

*Science 2 Life processes including: Humans: The senses, Body parts, Food, drink and exercise, Life cycle and growth, The heart, The skeleton, The lungs, Health. Animals: Body parts, Life cycle and growth, Food, teeth and claws. Plants: plants. Environment: Local environment, Further afield.

*Science 3 Materials: Exploring, Grouping, Changing, Separating. *Science 4 Physical Processes: Electricity, Forces, Light, Sound.

The Cambridgeshire SEN Science Project was funded by the Funded by the Astra Zeneca Science Teaching Trust.

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