Licence to Cook: Module 2

During these Licence to Cook sessions, students will: • use the grill, hob and oven – often simultaneously • weigh and measure ingredients accurately • combine and mix ingredients together carefully, forming dough • learn about the rubbing-in method • make a savoury white sauce • divide mixtures, cut and shape dough • prepare a range of fresh ingredients, for example, grating, spreading • use electrical equipment, for example, hand-held whisk, food processor • prepare equipment for cooking Each session is supported by teacher’s notes which outline aims and objectives, time plans, suggested recipes, equipment and shopping lists. The recipes are presented in a variety of formats, including PowerPoint, text only and text with photographs, and supported by a suite of videos demonstrating the preparation skills. For a full overview of the Licence to Cook course, see the Teacher Guidance.


Cooking Session 9: Pasta Mania

In this Licence to Cook practical session students make a savoury sauce and combine it with pasta to make a simple dish. Students start to prepare and cook items simultaneously, learning about timing and kitchen organisation.

Key skills include weighing and measuring, use of the hob (boiling, simmering),...

Cooking Session 6: Creative Crumbles

During this Licence to Cook practical session, students make apple and sultana crumble or vegetable crumble. These recipes allow students to practice weighing and measuring, rubbing-in, preparation of fillings, layering ingredients and baking.

Writing frames are provided for students to record their own...

Cooking Session 7: Feel the Rub

This Licence to Cook practical session extends the rubbing in technique so that students learn to form and shape the rubbed-in dough. This additional dimension is a progression from Cooking Session 6, Creative Crumbles, as students will need to carefully control the amount of liquid added to the mixture to prevent...

Cooking Session 8: Deli Salads

This Licence to Cook practical session is about creating a deli-style salad using a range of different ingredients. Students are presented with the opportunity to cook a range of starchy foods, whilst simultaneously preparing other ingredients for their salad.

The aim of the session is to improve students’...


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