Standards Unit: Improving Learning in Mathematics activities to support the learning of number. The 'Active Learning' session plans include starting points, descriptions of the processes and photocopiable resources.



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Using Directed Numbers in Context N8

This resource provides a lesson in which children understand and use negative numbers in the context of
temperatures. Looking at the temperatures of different cities, they find missing temperatures and temperature differences. Temperature scales are provided which could help children who need a visual...

Manipulating Surds N11

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit students identify equivalent surds and develop their ability to simplify expressions involving surds. Students should understand what a square root is and be able to remove brackets correctly. (GCSE grades A-D; AS and A2 level)

Estimating Length Using Standard Form N4

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit, students learn to interpret decimals using metric units, estimate lengths of real life objects and interpret standard form.They will also discuss and understand these processes. Some students will have encountered decimals and standard form before. The opening...

Understanding the Laws of Arithmetic N5

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit, students learn to interpret numerical expressions using words and area representations, recognise the order of operations and equivalent expressions and understand the distributive laws of multiplication and division
over addition (the expansion of brackets). Most...