Algorithms in A level computer science CY206


"The materials and resources made available will be extremely beneficial"

"The material was organised along with useful practical suggestions"

"The pace and clarity of the topics were well measured"

2016 participants

Algorithms underpin much of A Level computer science. This course develops understanding of the abstraction of problems, and examines procedural, functional and data abstraction. Participants will learn how to trace algorithms, predicting outcomes from initial conditions. They will analyse the effectiveness and complexity of different algorithms, including the common sort, search and data structure traversal types, and will take away teaching ideas for use in the classroom.

On the day before this course is the one-day course "Teaching algorithms for GCSE computer science" - participants attending both are welcome to stay overnight with us in York at no extra cost.

Course fees vary for participants outside the UK.  Please contact for more information.


You will be able to:

  • teach the process for decomposing problems and devising algorithmic solutions.
  • confidently tackle a range of common algorithms, with an understanding of complexity and performance.
  • Apply algorithms to the main data structures.
  • trace algorithms, and teach others to do so.

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