Mathematics for A level computer science CY211

Teaching a subject outside of your specialism is tricky, learn everything you need to confidently teach mathematics topics within A level computer science on this activity


The mathematics of computer science A level is formidable. This course will help teachers, whether they are new to teaching at this level or have a depth of experience, to effectively use tried and tested teaching methods. From the fundamentals of number bases and units of information, through to Boolean algebra, sets and ciphers, you will develop in confidence and tackle the trickiest topics.


You will be able to:

  • become confident in using and converting between different number bases including decimal, binary and hexadecimal
  • learn about number data types, how errors occur in the storage of numerical data, and how fixed and floating point errors arise
  • use Boolean algebra and apply it to logic gates
  • teach functions and mapping between domains
  • define and apply encryption using ciphers, and be able to compare their relative levels of security

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