New to teaching A-level computer science CY202


The step-up to A-level Computer Science is significant – for students and teachers alike. This course is aimed at teachers new or relatively new to teaching A-level Computer Science.

It will improve subject knowledge; provide experience in practical and investigative activities including a range of programming challenges; and deepen understanding of underlying concepts that flow from earlier stages of learning as well as those that appear for the first time at A-level. The course will help you, too, to develop strong mental models of computer science concepts with your students, providing them with a basis for better attainment.

"full explanation of procedural and object orientated programming. With useful resources that I will make use of in my lessons"

"I gained a greater understanding of data types and structures and how to implement the delivery of teaching of this topic to A-Level students"

"Session was excellent and covered in a very accessible way the topic of hierarchy and structural program design"

"presenter's A-level knowledge was excellent and he delivered a lot of useful and practical information"

"delivered in an enthusiastic way and with clear expertise."

2016 participants

This is a residential course, fees include meals and accommodation for the duration of the course. Course fees vary for participants outside the UK. Please contact for more information.

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