New to teaching GCSE computer science CY201

Are you new to teaching computer science at GCSE level? Develop your leadership of practical tasks and learn about algorithms, programming, computer systems, networking and data.


This course is aimed at those who are new to teaching computer science at GCSE level. You may have previous experience of teaching computing at key stage 3, or you may be moving into computer science teaching from a related subject such as ICT.

It focuses on the themes that are common to all exam boards, building on prior learning in topics such as algorithms, programming, computer systems, networking and data. Led by skilled teachers with many years' experience of teaching GCSE, you will dive into Python programming and discover proven ways to teach theory effectively without additional workload.

There will be opportunities to develop your leadership of practical assessed tasks; to make effective use of out-of-school learning; and to gain experience of a range of tools that can be used in teaching.

"I have big concerns about my ability to teach the theory, this gave me the confidence to try an alternative approach."

"All sessions were useful as they showed innovative and alternative ways of looking at the material"

"useful - lots of ideas and resources to use in my curriculum"

"It is a really good way of getting up to speed in a limited time”

"I have already enrolled on several more CPD sessions held at the STEM centre as a result of the positive impact this course has had on my teaching."

Past participants

This CPD has been expanded to facilitate deeper understanding, and to provide time for discussion and clarification of the subject matter.


You will be able to:-

  • effectively develop the subject knowledge of your students and help them build conceptual models of computer science
  • manage learning within a group of varying abilities, and choose tasks and tools that optimise learning opportunities
  • use a range of at-screen and ‘unplugged’ activities that complement each other
  • support students to success in practical programming tasks

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