The art of science demos; How to get the best from practical demonstrations RX047

How to get the best from practical demonstrations in the science classroom


Effective practical demonstration involves more than is more than just showing students a particular experiment.  You will consider how to set the practical up, where to position students, how to keep their focus during the demonstration and how to assess the learning intentions.  It is intended for early career teachers and will discuss a range of possible demonstrations and how to ensure that these have maximum impact on student learning.  You will understand the principles of good demonstrations and how to apply these to all disciplines and phases.


You will be able to:

  • understand when a demonstration is the best means of delivering a particular practical
  • consider the learning objective for students and how these can be assessed
  • utilise a range of practical demonstrations; suggesting how these could be staged within the science classroom, what questions could be posed to students and what student activities should accompany them.

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