Supporting the memory: strategies and techniques to retain and retrieve knowledge in science RX035

Development of self-regulated learning skills for pupils to help progress in science


To progress to more complex understanding in science, it is essential that learners have the ability to retain and recall knowledge. Cognitive science research supports several key theories that can improve retention and recall of information including: cognitive load, spaced learning, retrieval practice and elaborative interrogation. During this course, you will learn various techniques that will allow you to apply these theories to your science teaching and improve the knowledge and recall of your learners.


​​​​​​​You will be able to: 
  • explain how the working memory and long-term memory interact to process and store information;
  • describe the cognitive science theories that underpin retention and recall of knowledge, and how these apply to scientific understanding;
  • use strategies from cognitive science theories such as cognitive load, spaced learning, retrieval practice and elaborative interrogation in your teaching to help build deeper understanding and long-term recall of scientific knowledge and skills.
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