Developing your approach to learning and teaching in science NY320

Review leading research presented by educational experts to inform your future teaching practice and develop a more impactful curriculum.


Join education experts including: Professor Chris Harrison from Kings College London, Dr Avtar Matharu from University of York, Dr Niki Kaiser from the Education Endowment Foundation, Dr Andrea Mapplebeck and more alongside the STEM Learning team to review current research in order to develop your pedagogical skills for 2020 and beyond. Discover how we can take up to date educational research and translate this into meaningful actions in the school laboratory in order to better engage students, inspire them into STEM related careers and drive forward progress and attainment.


Who is it for?This course is best suited to members of the departmental leadership team, teachers responsible for learning and teaching within their department, experienced teachers of science (biology, chemistry, physics) who are seeking a move into leadership or an area of responsibility.What topics are covered?This two day course covers: 

  • ⚪   research led practice: putting education resarch into practice in the classroom

    ⚪   Best Evidence Science Teaching (BEST): Metacognition and use of diagnostic questioning

    ⚪   effective feedback: Drive forward learning with the use of effective feedback

    ⚪   developing science capital: should we give up makiing science fun and make it more relevent and engaging?

    ⚪   scientific enquiry: lessons from primary and how we can adapt our teaching 11-14

    ⚪   making it relevent: application of novel scenarios to practical work

    ⚪   minimise waste and maximise understanding, how to use microscale techniques in the lab

    ⚪   the struggle with maths in science is real for many students, this session will give you additional tools to equip your students for sucess

For a full list of key note speakers and sessions click below: Download now How long is the course?This is a two day residential course. Who is the course leader?

  • Tim BradburySecondary Chemistry Professional Development Leader, based at the National STEM Learning Centre in York.



By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • ✔️   develop a range of strategies to enhance learning and teaching in your science department

    ✔️   work collaboratively with experts/researchers/colleagues and others to gain awareness of current STEM Education research (eg. Best Evidence Science Teaching - BEST)

    ✔️   formulate an action plan to feedback/cascade your experience back to your department to share best practice

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