Technicians supporting: chemistry 11-16 NY605

Examine and explore a range of practical activities which include health and safety in chemistry, micro-scale, chromatography, diffusion, electrolysis, distillation, titrations and datalogging.


This course offers a science technician a higher level of chemistry-based knowledge.

This course has been tailored for technicians to support teachers and create impactful science lessons. You will explore chemistry practical work with a strong emphasis on health and safety and engagement. The content has been designed to fulfil the chemistry curriculum for 11 to 19 year old students and will include topics that will inspire students to attain in their chemistry qualifications.

The course has five main strands to make sure it’s relevant to technicians. These strands include, where to source the equipment, how to set it up, how the practical runs in the classroom, scientific background to the practical and health and safety.

During the course, you will experience a high standard of health and safety where you will learn how to manage the chemicals you have in your chemical store. This area is crucial in a technician’s knowledge of chemistry. There is a strong emphasis on the GCSE required practicals and will cover all three major exam boards.

This course may support you with Science Benchmark 4 - Purposeful practical science

Who is it for?

Science technicians in secondary schools. 

What topics are covered?

  • KS3 practicals
  • KS4 required chemistry specifications
  • microscale
  • managing chemistry
  • make and take chemistry equipment
  • datalogging in chemistry
  • chemistry demonstrations

How will you learn?

This course will be delivered face to face at the National STEM Learning Centre in York. 

How long is this course?

This is a three-day residential course. Fees include meals and accommodation for the duration of the course.


You will be able to:

  • successfully implement new chemistry skills and knowledge acquired on the course
  • identify key issues that are essential for effective performance in your role
  • communicate with others to implement safe and effective chemistry practicals in your school or college
  • prepare chemistry practicals from a range of sources, to engage students and others


This is a residential course, fees include meals and accommodation for the duration of the course.

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