Skills for new technicians NY601

Suitable for those new to the role within a school or college, this CPD activity provides a thorough grounding in the science technician profession.


Gain a thorough grounding in the science technician profession and is suitable for those that are new to the role such as an apprentice within a school or college. Through a range of intensive hands-on sessions, we will explore the necessary basic skills a science technician needs to effectively prepare practical lessons.

The learning is split into two three-day periods; the first is focussed on core technician skills and includes sessions on health and safety, solutions, gas making, glass working, soldering, greenhouse science, microbiology and the more general aspects of working as a technician. This entails becoming more familiar with various forms of requisitions and getting a better understanding of risk assessments.

The second period introduces a higher level of practical skills in chemistry, biology, physics and electronics – with an additional health and safety session focussed fire safety. We will look also look at another integral part of a technician’s position; how to manage equipment maintenance. This course also features a STEM club session which will give you an idea of what is needed from a science technician in a school.

This course includes an online component to extend and embed your CPD. This integral part of the course will provide you with support when you return to school or college and enable you to share your experiences and resources as well as allowing you to collaborate with others. It has been included with the fee and the associated ENTHUSE bursary. Normal terms and conditions apply.

Technicians’ responsibilities involving COVID-19 be covered throughout the course, with detail on how to keep staff and students safe during a pandemic.

This course will be delivered either remotely, face to face at the National STEM Learning Centre in York, or as a blend of both approaches.

Please see the 'Scheduled dates' section on the top right hand side of this page to choose the date and delivery mode that suit you best.


You will be able to:

  • work towards successfully implementing the new skills and knowledge acquired on the course
  • describe and apply policies, procedures and actions that will lead to an effective and efficient technical service
  • describe and explain safety implications and how to address them
  • understand the roles and responsibilities of a science technicians in education

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