Practical ways of using assessment to demonstrate progress NY209

How can you make assessment purposeful and beneficial to students' development in secondary science?


Explore strategies which will enable you to lead your colleagues in embedding assessment for learning (AfL) practices in science. Quality assessment is more than written exams but embedding proper formative techniques can be challenging. The use of well-thought-out assessments can enhance student outcomes and enable students to make good progression in secondary science. Feel secure in your understanding of how to make judgements on students' progress. We will also support you to embed a wide variety of assessment opportunities in your schemes of learning. Use diagnostic tools to identify levels of understanding, as well as the means to tackle any preconceptions that students have which might hinder their progress if not addressed. If you are early in your teaching career, you will find lots of useful ideas to immediately use and adapt into your current teaching. However, if you are more experienced or a head of department then you will find lots of advice and support to embed within their departments practice.


Who is it for?Secondary science teachers and subject leadersWhat topics are covered?This four day course covers: 

  • ⚪   how to embed AFL strategies

    ⚪   establish a climate for learning

    ⚪   leading and implementing change

    ⚪   develop formative practice

    ⚪   use of learning intentions, success criteria and peer assessment

    ⚪   questioning to engage all learners

    ⚪   developing diagnostic tools

    ⚪   eliciting learners ideas

    ⚪   pupil motivation

    ⚪   classroom talk and group work

How long is the course?This is a four day intensive residential course split into two residential periods of two days each. Who is the course leader?


By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • ✔️   apply current research on Afl to your classroom

    ✔️   use a wide range of Afl teaching strategies to promote students' learning in science

    ✔️   develop an action plan for improving your approach to, and evaluation of, your professional practice

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