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With the changes to the new primary science curriculum taking effect in September 2014 many schools are now looking ahead at developing materials to help them teach the new ideas and concepts. To support you through this process, we have devised a programme for you to work with expert consultants and colleagues from other schools to develop materials.

The project is being led by Rosemary Feasey and Carol Davenport, who have already been working to develop some resources. These include materials to support the new content at KS1-2 and also assessment. Attending the workshops will provide access to these materials.  During the workshops, these resources will be developed further. This is where teachers taking part in the workshops will add their own ideas as well as trialling and adapting these for use in their schools.

From the workshops, we will collate all of the resources from every participant and then distribute them to each of the schools that have taken part. As part of the process, each of the resources produced are peer-reviewed and go through further quality assurance. The finished product will be extremely valuable for supporting science across your school.

Each workshop will be 2 half days and aimed at either KS1 or 2. This will help teachers of a particular key stage work with colleagues from the same key stage.


Participants will…

  • receive a brief update into the changes to the new curriculum content and assessment
  • be provided with a the resources developed by Rosemary Feasey and Carol Davenport
  • work with colleagues in the workshops to develop a resource using ideas of their own
  • work on their resource in between workshops, developing it further
  • trial the resource in school and review their own resource and the resources of others
  • receive a copy of all of the resources developed by each of the participants

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