New and aspiring heads of secondary computing CY200

Learn how good subject leadership can have a positive impact on computing teaching.


"Very informative and lots of good ideas to implement when I get back to school, the speakers were very knowledgeable and were clearly focused on the aims of each session."
Past participant

"This gave me lots of ideas on how to develop schemes of work to try to engage students in different and interesting ways."
Past participant

Good subject leadership has a positive impact on the quality of computing teaching in schools and colleges and can improve motivation for both staff and students.

This residential CPD is designed specifically for those who are new to leading computing or those teachers who are aspiring to undertake their first head of department post.

Across four days of CPD, we will reflect and enhance your leadership skills across four main areas:

  • teaching and learning
  • assessment for learning
  • curriculum provision
  • strategic leadership and management

"It made me think about why the department exists, what the purpose is and what we are trying to achieve. Going through this process with the department will allow us to have a shared vision and inform our current curriculum development."
Past participant

"This course has been very effective and provided me with lots of new ideas and information that I can adopt and implement in my teaching. Excellent course with excellent information and ideas to implement and introduce at school."
Past participant

This is a residential course, fees include meals and accommodation for the duration of the course.


You will be able to:

  • create and manage processes for leading computing effectively
  • lead change in your school to support delivery of the computing curriculum across key stage 3, 4 and 5

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